Do you want to become a superhero?  Well if you do you have to do some really
hard things to become one.  Also you better be rich because you are going to buy
a lot of plane tickets.  So first of all you will need the ingredients and the
locations of those ingredients.  Here they are.
First you will need an orange  pearl from the biggest clam in the deepest
part of the Pacific Ocean.

Secondly you will need a feather from a pink falcon.  Located in the deepest
part of the jungle in South Africa.

The third ingredient is that you will a rock from the moon but not just any
moon Jupiters 3rd moon.

 The fourth ingredient is that you will need a special chemical found in
Brazil but not just any part of Brazil.  You will have to go to Rio De Jeneiro. 
Then go to Cristo Redentor statue at exactly midnight then open up its head and
you will find a puddle of that special chemical.

 The fifth ingredient is the one Panamanian Devil’s tooth.

 The sixth ingredient is one emu egg from Australia.

The seventh ingredient is an mango from an mango tree in Quezon City ,

The eighth ingredient is pure gold from Asia.

The ninth ingredient is the biggest diamond in the world.

 And Finally the most important thing of all is a bucket of lava.

So if you do these things you mix them into a bathtub and it will make a
potion to give you one superpower then you wish to have any power you


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