one day I watched a movie about the cycle of a sun.  it was a very interesting movie.  Except for one part where it changed into the sun. the light was so bright my 3-D glasses almost burnt off my face.  that really hurt my eyes it felt like you were 30 miles away from the sun and you were looking straight at it.  I am never watching a movie about the sun again.  maybe i will stick to escape from planet earth or somthing.  But seriously i hate that movie so much i felt like throwing the film into a pit of mud "yuck"
     Liberty Science Center is the best place to go if you want to go on fun rides and play on fun things related to science.  It has cool things like rock climbing and a dark touch tunnel. I will tell you where we went on this fun trip.

       First stop is the infection connection train which tells you about common diseases spread through out the Earth. It teaches you where the disease is common.  And how it can be spread. In the train we saw a mother with H.I.V who lost all her medicine when her house collapsed.  But luckily her baby did not get H.I.V when she breastfeed him.  We also learned that almost all diseases can be cured with the right medication.
 The next place we went to is a lab where we tried to figure which person (test tube) had the disease H.I.V . First we put samples into 5 tubes.  After that we put antibodies into the 5  containers. Then we put beads in the 5 containers. Which ever one turned pink it had the infection
Another fun thing we did is watch a movie.  The movie is called TURTLEVISION 2: SAMMY'S ESCAPE.  It is about how sometimes animals like turtles can be harmed by predators and worse humans.  Us humans do not realize this but we are hurting living things.  By throwing our trash on the street and even the ocean.
This is the best indoor field trip I ever went on.  You should go there to.  I bet you will have a great time there.
   Have you ever heard of H.I.V ?
Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived on Earth from about 200 million years ago to
maybe 60 million years ago.

 2.) All
dinosaurs laid eggs and there are about 40 types of dinosaurs found.

During the time of the dinosaurs extinction no animal heavier than a large dog
survived.  However sharks, jellyfish, fish, scorpions, birds, insects,
snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles survived.

4.) Some
scientists believe that some dinosaurs were cold blooded, others warm blooded,
and others maybe even both.

5.) This
may seem not true but the blue whale is bigger than any dinosaur at 108
Have you ever seen a dinosaur’s fossil?

  Do you have $1.00?  If you do here are some
things you can buy.

1.) For 50
cents you can get a gumball.  Gumballs are like little balls of gum with a
hard candy shell.  They are delicious.  Gumballs are like gum and
lollipops all together.

For 99 cents you can get soda.  Soda is delicious. It is the perfect drink
for parties.

Another thing you can get is chocolate.  It is super duper extra sweet with
so many different  flavors.

 4.) For maybe
$1.00 you can get some sour candy. They sometimes make me make weird

For 25 cents you can get a cookie. Cookies are very soft and sometimes

For 99 cents you can get a donut.  I like the donut that have the really
sweet jelly inside.

25 cents at my corner store you can get candy but they come in single packages.
 But are good for a little snack.

For $1.00 you can get some cute little toys like little balls or little fake

For 50 cents you can get cinnamon buns from a corner store.

For $1.00 you can get rings or bracelets.  It is very convenient if you
need accessories but have little money.

On a nice sunny day Jane’s family decided to have a picnic.  They had
chicken and their family’s special apple pie.  They had their picnic in a
beautiful park home to many species of birds.  Jane thought it was
lovely.  But then a flock of robins flew by.  And the worst thing was
that they brought bread for their sandwiches.  And everyone knows birds
like eating bread. When one bird flew closer the bird swooped down and
grabbed the entire basket. Jane’s family was surprised.  Mostly
because that bird took everything except the bread. Has this ever happened to
As the sun came out . Jane sighed. I have nothing to do today she said to her
mom. Jane’s mom said when I was your age I would climb up a tree and pretend it
was a pirate ship.  Then Jane thought why don’t I try it.  So she went outside
and climbed up that tree.  Once she started to imagine that she was in a pirate
ship she could’nt stop. She pretended there were fish and sharks in the sea. She
got so into it she stayed up there all day.  When her mom came out she was