one day I watched a movie about the cycle of a sun.  it was a very interesting movie.  Except for one part where it changed into the sun. the light was so bright my 3-D glasses almost burnt off my face.  that really hurt my eyes it felt like you were 30 miles away from the sun and you were looking straight at it.  I am never watching a movie about the sun again.  maybe i will stick to escape from planet earth or somthing.  But seriously i hate that movie so much i felt like throwing the film into a pit of mud "yuck"

Rachel Wills (Team 100wc)
06/22/2013 1:37pm

I love how you described the 3D in your story as almost burning your face off. Made it sound very extreme and exciting!
I wonder if you really did watch a film about the cycle of the sun? I bet you would have learnt a lot if you did.
Keep writing!
Rachel Wills Team 100wc


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