1.) One of my favorite posts is my 10 Best Educational Games .  I like it because well it is about a lot of cool you can go on.  I also like it because I put a lot of hard work into it. Oh and it is one of my favorites because well I mean you are making a post about really cool games.

2.) My next favorite post is My 10 Favorite Things because well I had the most fun making this post about me.  I mean like would it not be fun to make a post about yourself. I also like this post because when I was doing it I accidently ran into some really cool websites that helped me with the post 10 best educational games.

3.) My final favorite post is -how-to-become-a-superhero. I like this post because well this post really made me put out all of my creativity and put it on the post .  So I really like this post because of how much I focused on it.


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