Do you have $1.00?  If you do here are some
things you can buy.

1.) For 50
cents you can get a gumball.  Gumballs are like little balls of gum with a
hard candy shell.  They are delicious.  Gumballs are like gum and
lollipops all together.

For 99 cents you can get soda.  Soda is delicious. It is the perfect drink
for parties.

Another thing you can get is chocolate.  It is super duper extra sweet with
so many different  flavors.

 4.) For maybe
$1.00 you can get some sour candy. They sometimes make me make weird

For 25 cents you can get a cookie. Cookies are very soft and sometimes

For 99 cents you can get a donut.  I like the donut that have the really
sweet jelly inside.

25 cents at my corner store you can get candy but they come in single packages.
 But are good for a little snack.

For $1.00 you can get some cute little toys like little balls or little fake

For 50 cents you can get cinnamon buns from a corner store.

For $1.00 you can get rings or bracelets.  It is very convenient if you
need accessories but have little money.


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