1.) Place To Go

My absolutely favorite place to go is Disney World.  It is my favorite place to go because there is this big mountain ride I am not sure of the name but it is really fun also I love the characters walking around.  Oh do not forget the stores where you can get really cool stuff.  Here i will show you some things you can get at Disney World or Disney stores. http://www.disneystore.com/

2.) Favorite Fruit

My favorite fruit is strawberries with a little chocolate or whip cream it takes so good.  I like it because well the chocolate and the whip cream together taste so good with the sweet strawberry.  Here is a website where you can get a whole basket of them but there are not just strawberries here there are .  http://www.ediblearrangements.com/

3.) Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas.  I love this holiday because it is the time of year where you can spend time with your family and get really cool stuff at the same time.  Also you get to buy things for your friends and family and if you want a little pay back buy something really annoying for them but if you want to be nice and get them something good go to this website.  http://www.gifts.com/christmas

4.)Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is the pig.  I those little guys they are so cute and if you want to see them go to a fair a carnival or a farm.  But seriously I like them so much because they are just so very cute.   Also I like there color the best because there cute little face just goes so well with the color.

5.) My Favorite Female Singer
My favorite female singer is Cher Lloyd.  My favorite song made by her is Want You Back.  It is the best song I ever heard by her it is wonderful.   She was discovered on X-Factor.  She usually sings raps or pop.  She is British and just like One DIrection she is a big hit.  Why because she make she makes the best songs and she sings very good.

6.) My Favorite Dessert

My favorite dessert is cupcakes. I like them because well I like cake and cupcakes are like little cute cakes.  My favorite flavor is Red Velvet. My favorite place to get them is Crumbs.  I like crumbs because the cupcakes there are so big and delicious.

7.)My Favorite Blog Post

My favorite blog post so far is How to Become A Super Hero.  Well I like it because it is the one I really put a lot of creativity on.  Also it is the one I worked on the most.  Oh and do not forget I had the most fun making it.But really I worked kind of hard on it.

8.) My Favorite Game

My absolute favorite game is Survival Craft .  It is really cool.  It is a little bit like Minecraft.  But I love it you can make up your whole universe.  You can get this on your iPad if you have or pretty much just anything.

9.) My Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is math because I understand it the best. Also I can learn it easier than any other subject. But sometimes it can be really hard.  Oh and it can be confusing.But if you ever have a hard time ask and do not be afraid . Or if you are at home just look it up.

10.) My Favorite Book

My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever.  Mostly because it is funny and I also like it because it is very creative.  But it is not just Cabin Fever it is also Dog Days,The Third Wheel and plenty more. So it is pretty much all Diary of A Wimpy Kid series.


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