1. Sumdog.com  This game is educational and fun because while you are playing you notice that if you want to win you have to anwser questions.  For example you have to anwser math questions,reading questions and any other subject there is.  So if you like learning play this.

2.icivics.com  This game is perfect in my opinion it teaches you how to do things how to be civil how to be a good helper.  But most of all it teaches you about social studies.

3.funbrain.com  This is a good game because it teaches you about math reading and it is very fun all at the same time.

4.mathblaster.com Mathblaster is really cool all you need to do is get an account and play all the fun games.

5.Spelling City Spelling city is great if you want 100's on all spelling tests.  But it can also improve your vocabulary by a lot.

6.Wonderville This is great for science.  It is fun and creative.  It helps you get 100's on your science tests.

7.Pbs.org  Ths great if you are in 2nd or 3rd grade it can help you learn reading and so much more.  But of course in a very creative way.

8.Knowledge Adventure This game is great and it is so fun it is like going to a theme park but on your computer.  It help you earn plenty of subjects in a very fun and creative way.

9.Funschool  Funschool is great if you want a 100 on your science test.  Out of all the science games I mentioned this is the best.

10.Primary Games Primary games is cool because it helps you with some subjects it has a whole section of learning games.


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